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BarDrawer Pro
BarDrawer Pro

Easy design, Professional version

BarDrawer is SBARCO self-developed label design software. It built-in professional functions for AUTO-ID field and the operating interface is easy to understand. BarDrawer makes the users to design all different kinds of label and printing easily. The most important is BarDrawer is free of charge and functions will be added from time to time.

BarDrawer Pro
  • Freewave software
  • Professional label editor
  • Complete integrated software
  • Large icons, easy to operate
  • Professional database linking functions
  • Multi-languages operating interface
  • 1-D and 2-D barcode design
  • Multi types pictures format loadable
  • Data content-Sub strings
  • Object data source for multiple string concatenation


Environmental requirement  Operating System
Microsoft Windows Win XP/ Vista/ 7/10/11
Microsoft Server 2003/ 2008/ 2008R2
Integration BarDrawer Label designer
Printer Driver
Windows OS platform
Driver Setup
Install printer driver
Printer Tool
Manage printer
FW Tool
Update printer kernel
Design  Label printing
Locally or network connected
Standalone form
Standalone printing support
User interface Featuring Wizard based user interface, True Print Preview, Unlimited recover/un-do
Multi-lingual English, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese…
Toolbar Design Object, Arrange Object, Layout Object, Text/Barcode Format, General Function
Page/Label Single Labels or Multi Labels
Measurement Inch/ Centimeter/Millimeter
Ruler/Grid/Snap Vertical and Horizontal
Printing Quick setup Speed, Darkness, TT/TD
Printer Driver
Status Check (Online/Offline)
Only Sbarco Printer
Driver Setting
Label setting could be recognized by any driver
Page Preview
True Print Preview
Record selectable before printing
Design Object Type
Text, Paragraph, 1D-Barcode, 2D-Barcode, Picture, Line, Diagonal, Box, Ellipse

Position, Rotation, Lock object.

Object name, Comments, Do not print
Object Content Type Multi Sub-Strings combination
Data Source
Multi types data source
Advance Setting
Setup for complicate data source (Truncation)
Data Sources Fixed Source
Any data
Keyboard Source
Prompt Text, Maximum Characters
Counter Source
In/Decrement, Numeric/Alpha
Date Source
Multi types date format, Date Offset
Time Source
Multi type time format, Time Offset
Database Field
Microsoft Access/ Excel/SQL Server, Text File(Column Separate, Fixed Width)
Refer to Object
From Text or 1D-Barcode
External Device Source
Scale, Counter Machine…
Database User Interface Wizard based user interface
Source Type
Microsoft Access/ Excel/SQL Server, Text File(Column Separate, Fixed Width)
Wide range of record selection and filtering possibilities.
EX: 1,3,5-9,20…
Browse all records of table
Text/Paragraph Font
True Type Font, Printer Internal Font
Preserve aspect ratio, only width, only height
Horizontal Alignment
Left, Center, Right, Justified
White on black, Strikeout, Underline, Italic, Bold
1-D barcode Barcode Type Code39, Code93, Code128 UCC, Code128, Codabar, EAN8, EAN13, Interleaved 2 of 5, UCC/EAN 128, UPC-A, UPC-E
Human Readable Text Vertical Alignment (None, Below, Above)
Horizontal Alignment(Left, Center, Right, Justified)
True Type Font, Printer Internal Font
2-D barcode PDF417
Rows, Columns, Correction Level, Truncated
Data Matrix
ECC 200, Inverse Image
Automatic Selection Mode 2 or 3
QR Code
Mode1-2, Mask Number 0-7, Error Correction L/M/Q/H
Picture Image Type
Sizing Method
Original Size, Percentage of Original Size, Fit to Rectangle
Embedded, Linking
Image Preview
Property, Browse File
Line, Diagonal, Box, Ellipse Circle, Square, Round Rectangle, Line Thickness
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